Tuesday, October 10, 2006


It bothers me, but I don't really like most poetry. And I don't like being left cold by an artistic medium that so many devote so much to. One that's very close to being lyrics or prose but just doesn't affect me in the same way.

And then I came across Enablers. Vocalist Pete Simonelli's poems portray a seedy world of misfits and degenerates. My kind of stuff. Like Paul Auster reading Kerouac to Hunter S Thompson. Even alone they capture an enormous spectrum of emotion and energy. So add this to a smokey cloud of emotive post rock and the product is incredible.

The ebb and flow of the slightly ramshackle musical arrangements echoes the lyrics and serves to heighten their power. Overall though, it is Simonelli's voice and impassioned delivery that makes Enablers truly special. He has just the kind of smoke scarred, jaded, bar room drawl that could add weight to a train timetable.

The end effect surrounds and absorbs you into the world they inhabit. The tales of gambling and lust and jazz and pain. The chiming guitars before the cacophonic explosions of rhythm and distortion. I don't know if this still counts as poetry, i'm not here to argue that, it's irrelevant. Enablers need to be heard.

Enablers - 'Sudden Inspection'
Enablers - 'Pauly's Days In Cinema'

You can buy their albums from their label site.


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