Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pete's traveling blog.

My friend Pete is off traveling through America at this very moment. He started off in New York and has migrated south to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, documenting his journey along the way. I've found myself glued to his adventures, checking the blog everyday for new episodes. Maybe it's because he's a friend, maybe it's because Pete rips a good yarn, and maybe it's because I'd kill to be exploring American cities with nothing to govern me except my own free will. I enjoy little more than meandering through a new city, following my instincts and seeing where I end up. That and I really miss New York.

So as I get older and more settled (?) it's like i'm following the travels of the adventurous loner in my head. The difference is my loner is governed by worry and Pete's is a lot tougher (and a little more ginger) than I will ever be.

So here's the blog.

And here's an mp3 for Pete:
Led Zeppelin - 'Ramble On' Buy


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