Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rise Above.

Well I just got back from playing in Brighton with my band. The now customary 4 people attended. It went well though and my synth player's debut was flawless as far as I could tell. I'm getting used to blocking out the disappointment at the crap turn out. I won't let it bother me. I've been watching lots of footage of 80s hardcore punks and (parts of) their attitude is great. The whole idea of doing music for yourself and being happy with it being a great form of expression. DIY near-legend Ian Mackaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi, Dischord record label etc) talks about not needing to be validated by being signed to a major label, or whatever your goal is that would need to make you feel 'real'. I can't say i'm fully capable of subscribing to it, but I think it's a really healthy outlook.

Here's some great 80s american hardcore and an awesome Fugazi track.


Minor Threat - 'In My Eyes' Buy

Bad Brains - 'Pay to Cum' Buy

Fugazi - 'Bed For the Scraping' Buy


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