Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pancake Mountain

Whilst 'eStalking' Deerhoof on YouTube I came came across this bizarre clip of the band playing with a load of little kids and weird dressed up characters dancing around them. I had to find out where the hell it came from.

Turns out it's from a this amazing cable access programme from Washington DC called Pancake Mountain. It seems to be a kids programme started by a bunch of music fans that every week has indie bands performing and interacting with the show's characters and audience. Amazing idea. It's had tons of famous/indie-famous people on it including The Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, The Flaming Lips, Shonen Knife, and Henry Rollins (pictured above rehearsing his lines with a puppet sheep for their big argument scene). Here's a little introduction to the show.

Unfortunately I don't think any satellite channels show it over here yet but you can buy DVDs from their store.

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Anonymous the great b√łyg said...

Oh boy. This is what my children will be raised on.

12:06 pm  

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