Saturday, November 18, 2006

Heading South for the winter...

I'm back online! After an epic day journeying across, back and then down through England we were greeted in Brighton (Hove, actually) by a stolen phone and a smashed van window (separate incidents). Since then I've been waiting patiently by the door for a Mr Alberto Tiscali to send me a new modem. I was slightly depressed to finally discover how few pertinent emails were awaiting my attention but meh...

Anyway, now that I've left Manchester I thought I should list a few things I miss about the place:

1 My hombre Sam (you too Ben, but I'm gonna see you more... and Marc and Pete, sorry I didn't get to say goodbye)
2 Surly service at Night & Day
3 The tower of the Palace Hotel where Satan himself spends his summers
4 Coffee at Oklahoma
5 The Richard Goodall Gallery

There are more, but I'll get back to you. Now I've never been into many Manchester bands (yes, even The Smiths, Stone Roses and Joy Division) which I know is a pretty big indie faux pas, but I thought I'd post something which I do love from the rainy city. I wish I'd got to this riff first. Dead simple and dead good.


I Am Kloot - 'Over My Shoulder'

Buy it here.


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