Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Nick Cave

To celebrate recently seeing Nick Cave walking down into a basement flat at the end of my road in Brighton (I nearly crashed my bike, apparently he lives near me), and today's purchase of 'Your Funeral... My Trial' on vinyl here's some Bad Seeds type stuff.

First up the scene where the Bad Seeds play 'The Carny' and 'From Her to Eternity' in Wim Wenders awesome film 'Wings of Desire'. Columbo's in it too, he can really fucking act ya know.

Buy Wings of Desire here.

And here's an Mp3 of the super spooky 'The Carny' from the previously mentioned 'Your Funeral... My Trial', which started life as two 12" EPs ('Your Funeral' and 'My Trial').

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - 'The Carny'.

Buy 'Your Funeral... My Trial' here.

And finally, a clip of Cave being interviewed by Australian comedians Roy & HG, in the 80s. Bizarre.

Find part 2 here.

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Blogger Julee said...

3 remarks:

1: Nick Cave should father my children.
2: You saw him, WTF?!
3: Nick Cave should father my children's children.
3.5: Wings of Desire is an amazing movie.

Thanks for what could be considered the best and most appropriate post of your life.

(postscript. did i tell you that i saw explosions in the sky for $8 in new orleans a few months back?)

6:21 pm  
Blogger Alex Raoul said...

Wow thanks! Nice to be appreciated.

Yeah I got into an argument with Gemma after I saw him because she wasn't quite excited enough about it. He's more tanned than i'd imagined.

I think i'd like to meet the offspring of you and Nick Cave.... not so much the incestuous spawn of Grandpa Nick and your daughters. They'd write some fucking dark music mind you.

And I always miss Explosions... when they come over here. I assume it was mind-blowing?

7:34 pm  

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