Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Eve of Destruction

I heard this song on some radio programme about sixties charts. It stood out a mile from the other two dimensional pop (albeit really good pop) that shared the count down of whichever week it was in 1965. The venom in the lyrics and the anger in the voice gave it an almost anachronistic quality. There are a couple of other versions of the song but it was Barry McGuire's version that was hit me that night (i'm pretty sure that's him in the hippy dress with the baby).

I'm not usually that interested by protest songs, many come across as preachy or painfully naive, but I really like 'Eve of Destruction'. Many of the lyrics directly translate to these sketchy times, but it's the growl that delivers them that really makes the record. It's almost funny at some points but I think that just makes it endearing. The Dickies did a pretty cool version of it too.


Barry McGuire - 'Eve of Destruction'

Dickies - 'Eve of Destruction'


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