Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dr Gonzo on film.

I often trawl YouTube in the hope that one day someone will post some decent footage of a youngish Hunter S Thompson. Finally, today, I found some.

Thompson has been a hero for a while now. I even bastardised his alterego 'Raoul Duke' for my own band name. I don't particularly condone the heavy drug usage or relate to him in any real way, but I strongly envy the way he threw himself into the situations he documented, often stearing them out of control. To let go like that and be taken in any direction by the slightest urge must generate an incredible wave of freedom.

If you haven't read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas you can buy it very cheap now (£0.01 as I write this). I recommend it to anyone whether I think they'll like it or not.

This clip seems to be an edited version of an 80s episode of Omnibus just before they made the first Thompson movie with Bill Murray (not as good as Terry Gilliam's film but Murray gives good Hunter).

And so as not to deviate from the whole music vibe of this blog here's a little treat for fans of Fear and Loathing.

Brewer & Shipley

Brewer & Shipley - One Toke Over the Line

Buy it here.


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