Thursday, January 04, 2007

Charlotte Hatherley

This is an unpopular choice in my flat. My girlfriend (alongside every girl who once wished they were the Girl From Mars that Tim Wheeler still loved) hates Charlotte Hatherley for ruining Ash. Frankly I think Ash ruined Ash when they started writing crap songs. And the fact that she left the band a good while ago doesn't seem to change a thing?

Anyway, she released a solo album last year which, from the few tracks I know, was pretty good. Some really nice guitar work and great vocal hooks. Wasn't all amazing (especially lyrically), but proved she wasn't without her own genuine talent.

She's due a new LP out soon and new single 'Behave' makes me fee all funny inside. Again the lyrics still aren't amazing but the guitars and hooks are fantastic. It sounds really unusual for these times with a really slinky bounce to the thing. I'm also glad that her singing is now less cute bubblegum and more Esthero. I particularly dig the middle breakdown. Fuckin lush, Bay.

I won't post the Mp3 because it's a single and that's not really fair but have a listen to the video below (try to avoid it's gaze though as it's pretty cheesy and kinda ruins the song):

Buy it here

Visit her website.


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