Sunday, January 07, 2007

More Deerhoof

I haven't been this obsessed by a band in ages. I've just been automatically flicking to my Deerhoof playlist everytime I even think about listening to music. I've barely listened to anything else since I started to "get" them. I'm suddenly so much more excited about writing music and keen to start another band (after playing solo for about a year). It's again blown open what I thought a group of musicians was capable of. They create a world I want to inhabit.

Well, my hosting is on the blink but there's a couple of awesome new tracks from Deerhoof's upcoming album 'Friend Opportunity' on Neiles Blog. May I particularly recommend The Perfect Me, which reunites us with our dear friend 'The Big Riff' nestling in the middle of the song. The album's out on the 23rd of January and can be pre-ordered here.

Also here's a video with loads of intimate live Deerhoof stuff from the Burn My Eye mail order music TV thingame. Click here for the ram file (it's a streamer).

And, excusing the madcap camera technique, here's a cool YouTube shaped clip:

I'll leave you with this amazing spacey jazz post rock track (available free from their press page) from the last album, 'Runners Four' .

Deerhoof - "Running Thoughts"


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